An easy solution to make your Triumph more sporty!

Since 1959, Triumph Bonneville tells a story of timeless charm with an unmistakable aesthetic, it tells of travels and sportiness, but most of all it tells/speaks about fun!

A characteristic that has always distinguished Triumph motorcycles was the pleasure of driving.

With its two parallel cylinders engine and the excellent cycling, Bonneville does not disappoint the expectations, but it is also true that the excellent cycling in the case of Bonneville can be customized to meet the needs of its owners. Since 2006, The Bonnevilles are very stable motorcycles during curve travel, but they are also a bit lazy and slow in the change of direction as well as in narrow streets or city traffic.

A solution for this type of problem is usually found by shortening the wheelbase of the bike or closing the head angle, thus reducing the trail of the bike.

The kit riser by Free Spirits was created precisely for this purpose.


Raising the rear of the bike we can inclining the chassis of motorcycle and consequently the steering tube.

Thanks to this change we will also close the head angle and thus makes the bike reactive and fun in the narrow streets, where now it will give the best of itself.


301906_free_spirits_riser_block_f_r_triumph_bonneville_t10_t120_ab_2016 Once the kit is mounted you will notice greater agility around the city or in tight bends, where the little English motorcycle will attack every turn with a whole new agility.

Even the appearance of the Bonneville is benefited by this change: with the rear higher, the bike is more slender and aggressive, highlighting the sporting soul of this bike.


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