Check this clip-on bar for your Triumph Classic!

The Triumph classic are enjoying a high success especially in the last period and the owners who decide to customize them and make them special are more and more.

A modification that is often performed for aesthetics and which also carries with it a valid dynamic reason, often ignored, is the installation of the clip-on handlebars in place of the classic high handlebars which are fitted as standard in these motorbikes. In some cases a tall and wide handlebar is comfortable because it makes maneuvering easier especially with heavy motorcycles, but with your hands away from the forks and away from the steering tube you will lose sensitivity and feeling with the asphalt.

First of all, with clip on handlebars you will have an advantage in weight distribution, when we start to brake intensely with the front brake, if the handlebar is original, there is a load of circa 40% of the total weight (motorcycle + rider) on the front wheel. Knowing that friction between wheel and asphalt depends proportionally on the load over the front wheel, it is clear that reducing the percentage of total weight downloaded on the front wheel, there might be possible to stop it totally.

In this case, the limit of braking is given by the adherence of the tire to the ground. The friction in this moment will be quite low, because we don’t have enough load on the front wheel, and that might lead to the classic “front closure”.

Clip on diameter 41-22 mm for Triumph Classic

If we use a low handlebar, instead, our body will be more tilted forward and we will load more weight on the front wheel; in this way, the friction will be greater, and we will not risk blocking the wheel.

As we have seen, it is clear that everyone should lower the handlebars instead of raising it up, especially if we want to drive safely and faster.

FreeSpirits suggests you the same solution used on racetrack, that is the usage of the clip-on handlebars.

Clip on diameter 41-22 mm for Triumph Classic

Increasing the weight at the front will increase the friction at the time of braking and will also increase the sinking of the fork when we brake before setting a curve. The increase in sinking allows to speed up the transfer of load from the rear wheel to the front, so an increasing percentage of the weight of the bike and rider is transferred to the front, making the friction even higher, thus allowing a more powerful braking.

Using the clip-on handlebars let you have a better feeling with the front, in fact, being directly connected to the fork, there will be more sensibility on your hands and every movements of the front wheel will reach your hands. You will be free to drive at best your motorcycle.

Thanks to this change, even the style of your classic English will be modified, you will rediscover the charm of racing bikes of the past, proposing the original idea with which the first specials were born.

The origin of the movement that will then lead to the ever-growing sector of specials was born in the United Kingdom in the early sixties with the cafè racer. This term was coined on that situation to indicate motorcycles stripped of everything that was considered superfluous and modified in order to always seem to be more competitive motorcycles, then used to show off in the bars where the young people were in the evening.

Compared to other kits which can be found on the marketplace, the kit by FreeSpirits can be assembled easily, without the need to remove the top yokes. In this way, the change of the standard handlebars with the new clip on handlebars will be very fast.

Clip on diameter 41-22 mm for Triumph Classic

As FreeSpirits tradition, every modification is completely reversible, and you will be able to come back at your standard handlebars whenever you want.

The collars of support are made from a single block of aluminum, thanks to high-level cnc techniques. Then, they are black anodized and this allows the collars to bear very high stresses without any deformations.

Clip on diameter 41-22 mm for Triumph Classic

Thanks to the clip on handlebars, attached directly to the fork, it will be possible to rotate the clip-on handlebars and open or close them according to rider’s needs. This will make more comfortable the use of the motorcycle to riders of any heights.

The kit is compatible with:

  • Triumph Street Twin
  • Triumph Street Cup
  • Triumph Street Scrambler
  • Triumph Bonneville & SE 865 cc (Alloy wheels models)
  • Triumph Thruxton 865 cc. carbs until 2007
  • Triumph Scrambler 865 cc

Find the charm of the first café racer, choose quality of FreeSpirits.

Clip on diameter 41-22 mm for Triumph Classic

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