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Stand out for your Harley Davidson!!!

When internal combustion engine was invented it soon became obvious the importance of the exhaust system design. Road cars and motorcycles required mild noisiness while having certain level of power and torque in a low and middle RPM range. Then came the racings, with others approaches and technologies, loud exhausts tuned for the best middle and high RPM performance to win the races. Many enthusiasts tried to replicate those characters on their machines and, step by step, the whole industry appeared, many companies arrived with different levels of competence and offering their products to the customers.

What the modern riders expect when replacing a stock motorcycle exhaust system with aftermarket pipes is usually look and sound, but they are hardly to blame for this thanks to nowadays regulations of emission and noise level.

Just a few worries about the engine performance and weight saving, though these qualities shouldn’t be discounted because they influence bike’s performance much more then loudness and outer beauty. Not many owners are aware of that the exhaust system should be thoroughly developed and tested because it influences the gas flow directly and thus affects engine’s durability and longevity. Some badly designed components can even ruin the engine, so it is strongly recommended to make the exhaust modifications thoughtfully.

Free Spirits considered all these factors and developed the new and innovative slip-on exhaust for the Harley-Davidson XG Street and Street Rod, the product 088201, in collaboration with the Italian company VireX, part of the group MC Racing that produces personalized exhaust systems.

This creation is to satisfy tastes of those who want their bikes to stand out from the crowd of identical XGs. Poor stock bike sound is enhanced so much with this simply to install system that you will enjoy your XG a lot more and prolong pleasure of its ownership. The sound level may be adjusted with easily retractable dB-killer that goes with the kit. Muffler is made in fine stainless steel and covered with carbon fiber shell, end caps are Free Spirits style billet aluminum pieces anodized in black.


As Free Spirits other kits this system should be installed by a professional and is also completely reversible if you need to put back OEM part for some reason.

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