An upgrade to make your suspensions similar to a race bike with less money.


We all know, our bike is not really ours until we customize it. When we decide to have more performances we usually buy some expensive products, like sports exhausts, additional control unit, more powerful braking systems or something like that, but we often do not consider a fundamental component: the suspensions. If you pay attention, when constructors create a track model, they always change suspensions.

The functioning of a motorcycle fork is quite complex and a lot of factors come to play their roles, but the theoretical principles are quite easy.

In a fork we can distinguish two fundamental functions, an elastic one carried out by the spring and a damping one carried out by the hydraulic system
contained in the stems.

The last one exploits the resistance given by the fork oil, a liquid forced to go through a series of holes.

The hydraulic system has the duty to maintain the stability of our bike, that’s why it is the most tricky part of the functioning. It also decrees the speed of compression when we set a curve or brake with the front brake and it controls the extension speed when we exit from a curve by accelerating.

Lastly, this system prevents the typical waving motion that we would have with the only springs.

Understood the importance of the forks and their functioning, it’s obvious that if you have to customize your bike or if you are looking for better performance or more safety on the road, you will certainly work on the forks. So why these components are often left out?

The reasons are mainly two: the suspensions and their calibration are difficult subjects even for the experts and finding the correct setting is not simple.

Secondly, to improve the fork we usually replace it with another one signed by a more famous brand, or we substitute completely the internal components. In both cases, the solutions are very expensive and they require a very
demanding job, so most bikers desist.

Now we have the solution you needed, front fork hydraulic kit by Free Spirits.


With this kit you can get the same performances of the sports forks directly on your standard forks, at a much lower cost than the one of a brand new fork.

With the Free Spirits kit, the oil will pass through a series of slats with little calibrated holes, instead of passing through the old ones. In that
way, the oil will move and warm less than before, ensuring maximum efficiency.

With this kit you will not need to replace your current oil, nor the original springs, saving time and money. Besides you will not need difficult settings or something like that, you will just have to install the kit and get back on saddle, appreciating the difference from the first meters.

Once installed, you will notice considerable stability, especially during braking and cornering, and road safety will be much improved, leaving you free to concentrate only on driving pleasure.

Is not this why you’re sitting on that bike?

012017-2017-triumph-street-cup-for-upgrade kit-by-free-spirits

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