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More power for your motorcycle! De-Cat Headers for Triumph Tiger 1200 and Tiger Explorer

The exhaust system is one of the major’s changes that every rider does on a motorcycle. The sound effect is the first reason to install an aftermarket product, but is this the only reason?

If the exhaust is well studied, developed and tested you will for sure have a better performance on the roads.

After some researches we developed an innovative exhaust system (de-cat) for the Triumph Tiger 1200 and Tiger Explorer. Created in collaboration with Virex, an Italian well-known company in the motorcycle industry, our product is all designed and produced Italy.


To warranty the quality and performance our product passed through a motorcycle bench, where the system is physically mounted on the bike and tested for hours or days, until the best possible result is obtained.

With some tests is possible to see an increase in power by reducing the quantity of fuel in favor of a greater quantity of air.

But the improvements you will get from our new exhaust are not just regarding more power. Another important difference from our system is drastically reduce of the weight of and the reduce of fuel.

Also, our de-cat headers are made with high quality production systems, such as the laser cutting system for the 3-in-1 fitting, or the tapered tube which reduces the diameter of the tube in a progressive and constant way.


Each part has been designed to be able to adapt to the bike, also using the same mounting points as the original systems.

Are you ready to more power and lower consumption on your Triumph Tiger?

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