Why don’t you read what I am talking about?

Imagine being surrounded by a very polluted air and having just finished a run, you would certainly need to take a deep breath. But, if you try to breath that polluted air in large quantities you are going to cough. So you would decide to put something in front of your mouth to filter the air. At first, you would try putting a piece of paper in front of your mouth, the air in this way would be filtered through the paper, but you would struggle to breath a sufficient amount of air. Then you would try putting one of those masks made specifically to filter the polluted air, which allows you to breath more and especially only cleaned air… what would you prefer to use? I could imagine you would prefer the mask, so why don’t you dedicate the same care to your bike?

As you can understand from the simple example above, the air aspirated by the engine must be free of foreign particles that could cause a rapid wear of the mechanical parts. For this reason, there are air filters in all of the motorcycles; these filters must have a high filtering power and allow a sufficient air flow to the engine, so they would not penalize the engine’s performances. The filter produces a considerable resistance to air, so a well-made suction system would allow a performances’ increase of around 2-3% compared to the ordinary system. In fact, the filters that are normally installed are made from paper or from other cheap materials, which often limit engine’s performances and require to be replaced during every mechanical review.

High Flow “water proof” Air Cleaner kit for Triumph Street Twin, Street Cup & T100 2016 up

FreeSpirits has decided to collaborate with the well-known Sprint Filter company to realize a kit that allows your bike to breathe in the best possible way. The P08 filter included in the kit is produced with an innovative material, sturdier than the traditional cotton which breaks easily and stronger than sponge, which allows load losses. This new and innovative polyester material allows the air to pass constantly and in a calibrated way at every speed.

The filter’s made of a unique membrane obtained by a plot of polyester threads; each thread’s diameter is just 5 microns, so the filtering surface is doubled than any other special filter.

High Flow “water proof” Air Cleaner kit for Triumph Street Twin, Street Cup & T100 2016 up

The maintenance of this product is very easy, in fact, with a P08 filter it will no longer be necessary to replace the filter at each mechanical review, thus saving on the maintenance costs of your bike. To clean the filter, it will be sufficient to blow compressed air through the filter and then to reconnect it to the pipe.

The filter is also completely water repellent, so it there will be no problem if it will be washed by rain or by yourself when particularly dirty.

The money’s saving allowed by this new filter does not stop here! Having a constant amount of air let the electronic control unit adjusts the fuel injection, according to the correct stoichiometric ratio, that results in lower fuel consumption for the same performances.

Understood the importance of a great quality air filter, let us now focus on the assembly, which is also fundamental. In fact, installing a cone filter requires some precautions that, if not properly observed, could make the performances of the motorcycle worse than before.

Therefore, to place the filter in the correct position is needed a 90-degree curve which moves the filter away from the warmer areas of the engine, in fact, keeping the filter close to warmer parts let it absorb warm air, which has a considerable negative influence, as the decrease of the temperature makes the air denser. This means that, at the same pressure, an equal volume of air contains a greater number of oxygen molecules.

The modern injection systems, like those installed on all the latest Triumph, are able to use this new air supply and to adjust the injection accordingly with it, thanks to special sensors. The final result is that the individual phases useful in the combustion cycle become more energetic and therefore, once the kit is installed, you will notice an increase in torque and power, which, combined with the increase given by the new filter, will allow you to have an increased performance and significantly lower engine temperatures.

The curved pipe made by FreeSpirits, that you will find in the kit, is made of stainless steel of the diameter of 52 mm. The technique used to produce it comes from a new patented process that allows to obtain narrow curves with reduced thickness, so as to contain the weight of the complete kit.

The assembly of the kit is quick, complete with all instructions and reversible, as FreeSpirits’s tradition.

There are also spare parts that, in case of breakage of some parts, let you replace only the damaged part without buying the entire kit again.

What are you waiting for? Let your bike breathe free, save money in every mechanical review and release more power from your engine.

High Flow “water proof” Air Cleaner kit for Triumph Street Twin, Street Cup & T100 2016 up

For more info visit: https://www.freespiritsparts.com/en/high-flow-water-proof-air-cleaner-kit-for-triumph-street-twin-street-cup-t100-2016-up.html