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Lot of vibrations on your Harley Davidson Dyna?

Check this! Maybe we have a solution for you!

All the Harley’s fans, and not only them, will certainly know the Harley Davidson Dyna, a motorcycle with an indisputable charm that has made many riders fall in love, but it also has a problem known to all owners of this magnificent motorcycle made in the USA.

The swingarm of this bike, in fact, is rigidly linked to the engine, as in many other motorcycles, and they are connected to the frame by elastic supports. The function of this supports is to dampen the vibrations that would be transmitted from the engine to the frame.

This solution is commonly used especially with the most recent engines and it was successfully used on the historical FXRs that precede Dyna.

The problem in Dyna is that this supports measure only 19 mm (¾”), therefore very thin compared to the old models, where they were fixed on the external sides of the frame.

This type of connection has the disadvantage of being excessively elastic and consequently it releases too much the rear wheel from the front one, making the motion unstable and unpredictable.

Over the years many manufacturers and workshops have tried to solve this problem, with some solutions that often did not lead to any improvement, or they were useful but also very expensive.

Someone has also found good and functional solutions for the front, where there is more space available, but the problem on the back, which is the main one, remained almost always unsolved.

The stabilization kit by Free Spirits aims to eliminate those vibrations, intervening less invasive as possible on the frame and engine, maintaining the original parts so as to contain the costs.

Harley Davidson Dyna Stabilizers kit

With this solution the downgrade will be simple as usual and the original parts will remain at the center of the new system, continuing to do their job.

The new part, instead, will be integrated to support the system.

The idea behind the functioning of that kit is quite simple; it is based on the principle of force distribution and vibration damping by means of increased rubber parts.

The kit is made of various aluminum parts created to be added to the original supports through the narrow spaces of this bike.

These parts have the final purpose of widening the original support surface so as to reduce the concentrated force at every point of the support itself and to leave the space to install an additional rubber part. In this way, there is less force for unit surface and an increased damper to attenuate the engine vibrations.


Let’s make an example to make things clearer: think of being next to one of your friend and suddenly this friend pushes you; if you let your feet very close to each other and your legs stiff, you would fall in a moment, even if your friend doesn’t push you particularly strong. Think now of repeating the exercise, but preparing yourself by changing your position: spreading your legs and bending a little your knees, you will have surely more stability, forcing your friend to push you much more decisively to make you fall!

Do not leave your feet close, safety will make your trip more peaceful and you will notice the difference immediately! Buy now the Free Spirits’ kit and give yourself a newfound stability when you’re riding your Harley Davidson.

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