Who doesn’t remember the motorcycle fearlessly ridden by the 68 years old Munro in the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah? The one that sets a new and still unbeaten land speed record in 1967.Free_Spirits_Indian_Scout_Bonneville_Salt_FlatsAlways looking and craving for exciting development and growth, after being back in favour again recently, we heartily decided to work with Indian, the oldest American Motorcycle Brand. We believe in it and, as to follow the American flow with which we are already running, we are sure and determinate to give this motorcycle some new and innovative products.

We invest a lot to offer your bike parts that match perfectly a better performance with style. As you all know very well Free Spirits products are fully and entirely produced in Italy.Free_Spirits_IndianWe will embrace this new brand head-on which is unveiling more and more its innovation (even being the oldest).

We trust and believe in it. Bold as brass we decided to make the leap!

So follow us and stay tuned! From now on, more than ever, news will come….