Motorcycles are nearly always smaller than cars, and offer less protection to their riders than other vehicles. The ability to quickly slow down or stop is crucial – even a small mistake can be potentially fatal.

Your safety is the most important reason for making the right choices when replacing parts for your motorcycle. This is especially true of brake systems.

Motorcycle brake calipers are usually made of lightweight materials such as aluminium, which have the added advantage of being rust proof. Some motorcycles are bigger and more powerful than others, meaning they need more stopping power.


To increase power, calipers typically have multiple pistons, sometimes two or even four. It all depends on what you want and need. But a trusted workshop can point you in the direction of the best system for your bike.

We’ve used our extensive knowledge and experience to develop kits for Harley Davidson, with Brembo caliper 4 pistons, front and rear, and a black anodized mounting bracket.


All our kits use the OEM master cylinder and rotor, and include brake pads & brake line.

Once installed on your Harley Davidson, you will immediately feel the increased braking power and modulation.

Pick up our upgrade kit for your motorcycle and get even more enjoyment from your rides!

More info available on our website.

Click here for the front caliper. Click here for the rear caliper.

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