Here some maintenance tips to keep front end in the best possible conditions!

Have you ever note some wobbling or other abnormal behavior? Have you ever been in the situation that you have to change your forks, but you did not do it because it’s too expensive? Maybe your problem can be solved in a cheaper way.


Thanks to the experience gained on the circuit and on the road we know that most of the problems encountered in the fork stem from poor maintenance.

Usually the oil change is performed when you notice there is a leakage from the oil seal, but often is too late, infact, poor maintenance leads you to use the forks with exhausted oil. That oil has lost the properties that guarantee correct operation, hence the anomalous behavior of the fork, loss of agility, excessive fork sinking.

Now that you have understood the importance of forks’ maintenance, let’s talk about costs! Changing oil in a fork is laborious because it is necessary to disassemble the forks and open it.

Aware of all this Free Spirits created a fork cap that allows you to change oil without disassemble forks so the operation becomes simpler and the price will be radically reduced.

Free Spirits’ cap allow an easy preload adjustment so you can adapt the behavior of the standard forks at your leisure without changing the forks and spending too much money.

Fork Spring Pre-load Adjustment kit for Triumph Fork Tube

Do you think your bike has stability problems? Would you like a more reactive bike? Would you want more stability when braking? Save your money and buy the Free Spirits’ cap and change your drive experience!

Fork Spring Pre-load Adjustment kit for Triumph Fork Tube

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