Our production starts from an idea and our aim is to get you know how the products you mount on your motorcycles has been developed.

Our workshop is the place where everything in conceived, from A to Z we produce our parts in here.

It all begins with a thought that embrace tons of calculations and particular researches.

We use a specific design program to give it some substance. The technical drawing contains all kind of measure and information necessary for the machine tools ready to work.

After sending the drawing to the machines, they start producing following the lines provided in order to create the first prototype.


All our products are locally made, which means that they are not only fully made in Italy, but also that our suppliers are in the same region. In this way we control the steps of production to guarantee the quality that we want.Free_Spirits_Products


The certified raw material enters our gate and is soon transformed passing through all the steps; we convert it in parts ready to be mounted.


Wait for the next step… follow us!