Every person has a unique DNA, fingerprints are individual, you will never find someone with one exactly like yours. The same happens with Free Spirits products. Each one created, developed and produced has a distinctive mark, a particularity. To explain a little better we will be talking about laser equipment, which is used constantly in our work, and also explain why we need it.

First some general information. Laser processing gives to the product an individual design, a special character. In the process of laser engraving, the material is heated to such an extent that, depending on the exposure time, its color changes. The result is a permanent mark, resistant to abrasion.

There is no physical impact on the material, which may allow to inscribe in a difficult-to-reach and inconveniently located sections, also with a minimum surface area. These processes are set and coordinated by the CNC, which makes it possible to almost eliminate scrap in the products and allows to achieve positioning accuracy within the part.

This is important because when Free Spirits logo is engraved on our products it is to last for a lifetime and, for us, to be proud of our work.

Less visible and obvious, but a very important task, is to print a code on every product we create, which helps us to check the quality and quickly react upon a request. With these imprinted numbers we can get the full production and selling history, that we store for a rigorous control.

Some kits and parts require the TÜV certificate logo, that need to be added on the surface and we carefully put it there, without ruining the design and style.

All these laser operations we perform to prove the highest quality of our parts truly made by us.

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