When you see someone riding a motorcycle what do you think about?  Where they’re going, what adventures lie ahead of them? The simple act of getting on a bike and twisting the throttle makes you think of freedom.riding_indian_scoutOn the road you are completely in control of your own future. You can feel the immediacy of your actions and decisions, the constant awareness of your situation— speed, angle, body posture, road condition, lane position, possible hazards…. It’s a meditation that clears your mind of all unnecessary thoughts.

But amid freedom on the road and control of your path, you need to think about your own safety.

Here at Free Spirits we have developed a brake disc kit specifically for your Indian Motorcycle: two floating type brake discs with a hardened brake band of full-thickness.103802 Bolt-in Kit freno anteriore per Indian ScoutWhat are floating discs? They consist of a braking band connected by means of the driving bushing to the hub, which connects to the front rim by means of bolts.

The presence of the buttons allows a small amount of movement in the transversal direction. This lets the braking band expand and adapt itself to the positioning of the pads.Free_Spirits_Indìan_Scout_Brake_Disc_320mmOur brake discs have a diameter of 320 mm. This diameter is deliberate, moving the point where the pressure between the pads and disc is exerted further from the wheel center to dissipate heat.

A functional brake disc, that fades resistance, increases braking power and modulation. An exclusive kit for your Indian Scout Motorcycle, that will give you more freedom during your rides.

It’s a complete upgrade with 4 piston Brembo caliper and cnc-machined black anodized mounting bracket. The kit mounts easily on existing fittings and is also suitable for models with ABS. Brake pads are included.

Want to improve your bike? Click on the link below to get more technical information and place an order with your dealer.


Get inspired and be Free Spirits on your rides!