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It has been a while since Harley-Davidson introduced the all-new XG model with water cooled 500cc and 750cc engine, in 2013. Those bikes are intended to acquaint new riders to the brand and also to support new growing markets, where big company’s bikes are very expensive.

HD XG 750A 6-free-spirits-parts-for-harley-davidson-street-rod-xga

Determined technologies and components of the XG are on, let’s say, average level for a modern bike and obligatory for the brand name. Harley-Davidson made many improvements on the newly introduced XG Street Rod, that entered the market in 2017, but is possible to improve this machine in so many ways.

Free Spirits made many changes and upgrades on this bike.

Combining style and performance the Aircleaner high flow kit, 204037, that works perfectly in combination with the Slip-on exhaust, 088201. These parts can be installed separately for sure, but why limit the improvements?

204037-free-spirits-parts-for-harley-davidson-street-rod-xga 088201-free-spirits-parts-for-harley-davidson-street-rod-xga

Improved engine output requires better brakes performance, considering that stock components lacks stopping power and sensitivity. The kit 203504 includes four pot Brembo calipers and outstanding 320 mm brake discs produced by Free Spirits in partnership with Newfren. Rear brake improvement goes with the kit 205503, Brembo rear brake caliper and 205504, 300 mm Newfren brake disc.

203504-free-spirits-parts-for-harley-davidson-street-rod-xga 205503-free-spirits-parts-for-harley-davidson-street-rod-xga 205504-free-spirits-parts-for-harley-davidson-street-rod-xga

You can also choose the option of staying with original brake disc diameter of 300 mm in front (kit 203505) or even to apply the four pot Brembo calipers kit 203503 to the OEM brake discs of the bike.

203505-free-spirits-parts-for-harley-davidson-street-rod-xga 203503-free-spirits-parts-for-harley-davidson-street-rod-xga

Modest stock Street Rod rearsets can be changed to the billet aluminum forward controls kit, 206302. It will improve the ride dramatically with a better legs position. For technical execution of the kit all moving parts are assembled on special bushings and gear shifting becomes nice job. Pegs covered with anti-slip rubber for a better grip and comfort. The 14 mm rear brake master cylinder improves stopping performance.


The 207725 and 207726 sprocket covers, 207727 and 207728 sprocket guards will make the bike look much richer.

207725-free-spirits-parts-for-harley-davidson-street-rod-xga 207726-free-spirits-parts-for-harley-davidson-street-rod-xga
207727-free-spirits-parts-for-harley-davidson-street-rod-xga 207728-free-spirits-parts-for-harley-davidson-street-rod-xga

The original headlight can be replaced with headlight mask kit, 208931, that will light the road better with its double lens, and make the bike look aggressive and technological.


If you want more information download the interactive flyer by clicking the follwing link! Flyer Harley Davidson Street Rod XGA

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