Some aesthetical modifications can give the bike a “personality” that goes perfectly with yours.

The custom world is full of creativity and parts to help you on a mission like that. But what if you can have a product that gives you something more? More quality, design and also functional?

Free Spirits have being developing parts for motorcycles since 1997. From the first though to the shipping, all processes are made in Italy, which can guarantee our dealers and final customers the quality and innovation. All products made here, at Free Spirits, have been researched, tested and analyzed to give your motorcycle more style and performance.

Since 2019 we have a new brand in our family, the Indian Motorcycles.

A small touch in the motorcycle that completely changes the way it looks is our headlight mask.Free_Spirits_Indian_Scout_Headlightmask_109800 Our kit, part number 108900, has a competition style, including approved projectors with new, highly intensive L.E.D. bulbs and unpainted “number plate” in plexiglass board.Free_Spirits_Indian_Scout_Headlightmask_109800Included in the kit you will also find the wiring already prepared to be able to connect to the original wiring.

As all Free Spirits parts this is a bolt on kit and should be installed by a professional dealer. It is also completely reversible and each part can be purchased separately in case of breakages.

With a better look you can enjoy even more your rides!

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